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BBBmix Butter Scones Premix

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Perfect buttery scones are not easy to comeby. We definitely beg to differ. They can be made easily with our BBBMIX Scones Premix. No mixer, No scale and No experience required .Only add 2 ingredients and you are well on your way to enjoying the dreamiest warm homemade scones with butter, fruit preserves and clotted cream.

Preparation time : +- 5 minutes

*Based on our perfected recipe of our dreamy scones. 

Packaging Info

Contains 2 packs in a box. 

Each pack yields 16 pieces of dreamy butter scones.

Recipe given is for a pack. 

Please double the add on Ingredients if you are using both packs.

What You Need

For one pack. 

75g of Good Butter. 

1 Cup/ 230g Whipping Cream

Recommended tools 

1. Mixing Bowl 

2. Cookie Tray

3. Parchment Paper

4. Oven


Flour, Baking Powder, Sugar, Salt

Nutrition Fact

About 6 servings per pack (330g)
Serving size                                             100g
Total Carbohydrate
Total Fat
Total Sugar

Allergy Information

Contains wheat; may contain milk ingredients.


  • What tools do I need to make the scones?
    A baking cup / measuring jar (preferably), a baking pan and parchment paper.
  • What kind of scones will I get?
    Moist and buttery on the inside and crusty on the outside kind of scones.
  • Why does my scones appear flat after baking?
    This may be caused by the scones balls weren’t cold when it hit the oven. The butter in the batter melts easily and is unable to give the scones a nice shape in the oven. Do follow the box’s instruction to ensure that the scones balls are chilled before baking them. 
  • What goes well with the scones?
    Scones go perfectly with jam, butter and clotted cream. However, our dreamy scones are good enough on their own.
  • What can I add in the scones to make it more interesting?
    Oh! Plenty. We recommend adding raisins, cranberries, orange rind or choc chips for sweet scones. For savoury scones, try adding some dried herbs like chives, spring onion, cheese and even bacon cuts.
  • When do I add the additions?
    Just before adding the cream step.
  • How do I store the scones?
    In an airtight container in the fridge for up to a week.  Reheat scones in microwave before enjoying your scones.


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