Dark Choc Brownies Premium Premix
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Dark Choc Brownies Premium Premix

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Gloriously decadent dark choc brownies with super duper easy steps. This brownie treat will turn you into an instant hero. Score brownies points when you bake the perfect dark chocolate brownies with crusty top and fudgy texture underneath. Best served with ice cream or #Qaramella, salted caramel sauce.

Price : RM35

Keluarga anda gemarkan brownies tapi sukar untuk mendapatkan yang menepati citarasa anda? Brownies yang enak hanya dengan boleh dicapai dengan menggunakan coklat dan koko yang bermutu dan berkualiti. #BBBPremiumDarkChocBrowniesPremix adalah sangat mudah dan lazat. Terbaik apabila dinikmari bersama aiskrim dan sos karamel dari #BBBPremium , #Qaramella

Harga : RM35


Questions & Answers

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  • What tools do I need to make the Brownies ?

    We recommend to have a 9X9 inch baking pan or casserole, a whisk, a heatproof mixing bowl, parchment paper and an oven.

  • How much brownies do I get in a pack ?

    You’ll get about 1kg brownies. 

  • What kind of brownies would I get?

    BBBPREMIUM Brownies are the soft, slightly fudgy type with crusty top. Crusty but not crackly. 

  • What\'s the difference between Dark Choc Brownies Premix & Belgian Brownies Premix?

    Dark Choc Brownies is based on Brown Butter Bakes bestseller brownies using 52% dark chocolate with just the right sweetness. Perfect for everyone in the family. 
    Belgian Brownies is a similar version with higher chocolate content (70% dark chocolate ) and 12 % less sugar than dark choc brownies. 

  • I dont have an oven. Can I still make brownies using BBBPREMIUM PREMIX?

    No worries. You may use a steamer to make the brownies. You’ll need to steam it for more than 1 hour until the middle is cooked. Tips!Please cover the lid of the steamer with a cloth to avoid water drippings on your brownies.  

    Other than steamer, we have also heard success stories from mommies who baked using a rice cooker and also NOXXA Pressure cooker.

  • What can I add to the brownies to make it more interesting ?

    We recommend adding roasted walnuts/ pecans/ hazelnuts/ almonds/ macadamias.

    You may want to give it a twist by adding chocolates, biscuits, spreads. The brownies might take a longer time to bake depending on the additions, but it will turn out nicely with appropriate baking time. The wait will be totally worth it!

  • When do I add in the additions?

    For nuts , mix in batter just before pouring into the pan.  For chocolates, cookies and spreads, we recommend adding them on a thin layer of brownies batter. Continue topping with leftover batter and sprinkle additions on top.

  • Why do we need to FOLD GENTLY when mixing the eggs in the brownies batter?

    Simply because with each fold, you’ll add in more air into the brownies batter. In order to achieve soft and densed texture, it is best to GENTLY FOLD the eggs into the brownies mixture. 

  • What is the best way to store the baked brownies ?

    Other than your tummy ?? Lol. Keep the in an airtight container for one month in the fridge or 3 months in freezer. Keyword. AIR TIGHT. 

  • What do I do if I use a different pan size?

    Just adjust baking period accordingly. If you use a wider pan, please bake for a shorter period suggested and apply accordingly if you use a smaller pan.

  • Can I use this premix to make chocolate cake instead?

    Sure! We recommend to split the batter into 2 x 8" pans and assemble into cake when they have cooled completely.