Qaramella Salted Caramel
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Qaramella Salted Caramel

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Psst! Do u want to know what makes the bakes from @brownbutterbakes truly different? Special blend of luxurious salted caramel sauce made with Fleur de Sel. Now Qaramella are available in jars for you to have mix it in your coffee, spread it on toast, drizzle it on your brownies and ice cream, or simply eat it on its own. 

Price : RM19 per bottle

Psst! Tau tak kenapa kek atau brownies dari @brownbutterbakes #sumpahsedap? Kebanyakkan ada sos karamel yang lemak manis dan masin. Sekarang sos karamel istimewa ini atau Qaramella telah dibotolkan untuk semua peminat karamel menikmatinya dengan cara tersendiri. Ada yang campur dengan kopi, ada yang sapu atas roti, ada yang makan bersama aiskrim dan brownies dan kami tau, ada yang makan begitu saja! 

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  • What is fleur de sel ( key ingredient in Qaramella ) ?

    Salt that forms as a thin, delicate crust on the surface of seawater as it evaporates. The name comes from the flower-like patterns of crystals in the salt crust. The salt is imported from France and is very costly. However, caramel made using fleur de sel only makes THE BEST salted caramel.

  • How do I enjoy Qaramella?

    Its the ideal partner for your toast, crackers, lattes, ice cream and desserts. Its even good on its own!

  • How do I keep the Qaramella?

    Keep it in the fridge. Once opened,we recommend to consume immediately up to 2 months. It is fine to use it after 2 months provided it is well kept in the refrigerator and there is no change in the taste / texture of the caramel.

  • Sometimes my Qaramella appears seperated. ( oily layer at the bottom of the jar )

    This does not happen often with proper keeping. However, if it does, this is not a cause to worry. Just give it a good stir before keeping in the fridge.