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A slice of this heavenly dessert

As old as time, but never gets old. Yerp, that's Marble Butter Cake. A hit everytime this is served. To both young and old. 

This amazing dessert is too easy to achieve with our Butter Cake Premix. 

A box can make 2 batches of Marble Butter Cake.

This is how you can achieve it. 

You Need

1 box BBBPRemium Butter Cake Premix (only 1 packet needed) 

125g Salted Butter

3 Eggs ( A size ) 

3 Tbs Vegetable Oil

3 Tbs Full Cream Milk 

1 Tbs Cocoa Powder


This is how we do it

1. Mix the butter cake as per instruction on the box. 

2. Split the batter into 2 and add in cocoa powder in the one portionand mix.  

3. Fill in the pan with plain and chocolate batter alternately. 

4. Swirl with skewer and bake as per instruction. 

Topping ( totally optional )

Ganache drips

100g Cooking Chocolate / Dark Chocolate 
60g cream/ milk


1. Double boil chocolate and cream until fully melted.  

2. Let it cool for a few hours for a thicker consistency.  

3. Drizzle onto the cooled baked marble cake. 


Tips :

1. Use a bundt pan for the wow factor!

2. Use butter and flour to dust the bundt pan to ensure it doesnt stick to then pan. 

3. Use a bit of chocolate/ black colouring to get a better pattern contrast. 

4. To achieve zebra effect, layer same amount of batter on top of each other. The cake will fill the pan out in the oven. Do not swirl. 


Notes from Nurul 

I love this cake! The ganache topping goes really well with the marble cake. You will feel the honest to goodness homemade baked with love cake right from the first bite. 

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