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This evergreen dessert is a favourite to many and our Butter Cake Premix makes absolutely one of the best Victoria Sandwich Cakes. 

Classic Victoria Sandwich Cake

The Butter Cake premix below allows you to prepare this dessert within minutes ( minus oven time ).

Use 2 packets for a bigger cake

Now, lets start to prepare the Queen's favourite cake shall we.

You Need : 

For a 7 inch cake

1 BBBPremium Butter Cake Premix ( only one packet needed)

3 Eggs (A size)

3 Tbs Vegetable Oil

3 Tbs Full Cream Milk

Additional : 

100g Non Dairy Whipping Cream

Fruit Jam ( Raspberry/ Strawberry )

Berries of choice ( Strawberries/Blueberries/Raspberries/Cherries)

This is how we do it

1. Mix and split the batter into 2 7 inch pans, bake and let it cool.  

2. Once cooled, whip the non dairy whipping cream until fluffy and quite stiff.  

3. Remove one layer from the pan and place it on a nice plate.  

4. Spread the first layer with whipped cream.  

5. Then spread jam carefully over the cream.  

6. Top with the the second layer.  

7. Sprinkle some icing sugar ( optional )  

8. Decorate with berries of choice.  

9. Tadaaa !

Tips : 

1. Make a bigger 8 inch cake by using both packets in the box.

2. Try to achieve the dripping jam look for a decadent Victoria Sandwich Cake Presentation.

3. Non Dairy whipping cream is used because it can withstand Malaysian Weather.

Notes From K Nurul

I can honestly finish this cake in one day if i had no better sense! My favourite, when paired with Rasberry jam because it is more sour and gives a slight tangy flavour to the cake. Dont let your guests leave before tasting this classic made super easy with BBBmix Butter Cake Premix!

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